IDEA - Digital Economy and Financial Supercomputing Center is located in the Shenzhen-Hong Kong Innovation and Technology Cooperation Zone in Futian District of Shenzhen. The computing system of the center is built on 640 state-of-the-art GPU cards which are combined with 12600 CPU cores and a large-scale storage system, as well as a highly scalable and fault-tolerant cluster manager and job scheduling system, for variant computing tasks conducted by users in IDEA. The computing power of the center is able to achieve 400 Petaflops computing power in Int8 precision scale and 100 Petaflops computing power in TF32 precision scale. It is the only one supercomputing cluster in such scale and precision in Shenzhen.

The center is committed to satisfying the demand of different disciplines and fields utilizing Deep Learning technology, in particular the demand of digital economy and Fintech for large-scale data processing and scientific computing. The key mission of the center is to establish a science-based management architecture with a professional operation team, an efficient and advanced computing environment with abundant software resources, an energy-saving and eco-friendly data center infrastructure with a collaborative and shared operation and maintenance mechanism, so that an integrated platform and resource pool can be achieved and used efficiently. With the endeavor of members in the half past year, the centre has become the only one research facility that can cater for the needs of digital economy in terms of computing power of “High-Precision” and “Specific-Precision” in the Greater Bay Area, which also fulfil the aim of “boost efficiencies and lower costs” in IDEA. 

IDEA - Digital Economy and Financial Supercomputing Center has two special advantages:

1.It supports the international parallel computing structure and seamlessly connects with the global scientific research environment. The center seamlessly connects with the global mainstream scientific research environment. This allows global researchers to continue related research tasks on the computing equipment without the need for secondary development, thus creating highly favorable conditions for IDEA’s collaboration with the Greater Bay Area and international cooperation in digital economy.

2. It offers outstanding computing power of high precision and mixed precision, specifically accommodates computing needs in the financial area in all aspects and promotes the shaping of an ecological cluster of digital economy centered around IDEA. Featuring high precision and mixed precision and accommodating needs of the financial area in all aspects, this cluster speeds up the research and industrialization of fintech and vigorously promotes the formation of an industrial ecological cluster centered around IDEA. IDEA will partner with a group of global top financial enterprises, attract a cohort of key personnel of fintech in the Greater Bay Area, and incubate some emerging fintech entities with global influence. By making these efforts, IDEA will propel the development of digital economy and fintech in the Greater Bay Area, attract research institutes from Hong Kong and overseas and form an ecological cluster of finance and digital economy in Shenzhen.

Since its establishment, the center has achieved satisfying effects of application in real-life research projects, including the large end2end financial forecast model based on high frequency data, the large financial forecast model based on alternative big data and knowledge graphs, as well as the medical knowledge graph and the open-source operating system based on supercomputing cluster. The center has also enabled earlier completion of a large batch of research tasks and even turn some “impossible” tasks into “possible”.

In the future, based on its prediction to the demand of the Greater Bay Area’s digital economy for computing power, IDEA - Digital Economy and Financial Supercomputing Center will expand its capacity by a planned scale every year to develop into a “financial superbrain” that supports the Greater Bay Area’s digital economy. It plans to grow into an infrastructure for researches in digital economy with big global influence, serving as a powerful platform to implement the strategy of building the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area into a comprehensive national science center.

Photos of the Center