“You are how you read”, says Dr. Harry Shum, Chair of Board, International Digital Economy Academy (IDEA).

Reading good papers and read papers well are the first step proposed by Dr. Harry Shum for the cognitive model of paper reading and the foundation to effectively improve the ability for topic selection and research and to produce good papers. The paper reading platform ReadPaper has been set up on such a back drop, providing necessary support for paper reading in practice. Led by Yutao Xie, Director of Engineering at IDEA, the project team continues to iterate and improve the existing Beta version. They use and strengthen the thesis knowledge graph and improve product experience based on user feedback to provide a platform for the learning and exchange of global researchers.

Currently, ReadPaper garners nearly 200 million papers written by 270 million authors from nearly 30,000 universities and research institutes, covering almost all subjects of mankind. Scientific research would be impossible to conduct without the help of papers, and it is a very challenging problem with regard to how to understand papers and read papers well. Hence, our mission is “to make all papers in the world easy to read”.